Gage Carpenter 2.0

Ghost Shooter Game Feedback


  • Ghost shooter? what is it? Well, in the game ghost shooter is you the character fighting aliens to get points. these monsters are genetically modified by dr. carpenter. it is your job to take them out!!! There is no winning you just wanna beat your old score. This is a shooter game and very fun


  • would new monsters be cool, what needs to be changed
  • if the background was one and the key binds were changed would it be better

Peer Feedback

  • For the background, I think that is cool and unique and people should like its uniqueness and all but it’s too unfitting. And I noticed that the score is for the number of guns you shoot and not the number of enemies you defeat. Also maybe you should increase the speed of the monsters as the play gets more into the game.
  • increase the layout size
  • New monsters would be cool, more hp to the monsters would make it more challenging, the background is cool but it looks weird since it’s repeating, and I think it would be easier if the key binds were to WASD
  • new monsters would add a good challenge for the player with more health
  • Oh and I just noticed that the bullets hit enemies, not in the frame so maybe make it so only enemies in the frame can get killed

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